Circus Katoen

2015-2016 Laureates

Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries, Willem Balduyck

Circus Katoen

“As heavy as it goes”

In As heavy as it goes Circus Katoen explores different aspects of physical labour. With the weight of 18 heavy bags as starting material they are looking to re-define their circus practice. As heavy as it goes is a composition of organizing and disorganizing, carrying and dropping and giving attention on finding playfulness when pushing their physical limits.

Weight has always been a key element in Circus Katoen’s practice, especially working with the equilibrium of their two bodies. With this performance they want to grotesquely elaborate on this element by using the bags as a challenge.

Created and performed by: Willem Balduyck and Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries

Artistic Coach: Geert Belpaeme

Physical support: Kitt Johnson

Artistic support: Sebastian Kahn

Costumes: Lorelinde Hoet

Light design: Kris Van Oudenhove

Staging: Rinus Samyn and Kris Van Oudenhove

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