2015-2016 Laureates

Katja Andersen et Ricardo Gaiser

Cie Two a

“Finding no man’s land”

An unusual meeting, an extravagant duet. Two are two, she is alone and he, his loneliness. We start, since it’s simple, the day when you will need it the most, no one will be there, except you and yourself, And there they enter this story. Today is a beautiful day to die. And that they do it well, or almost. It’s banal, it amuses them. Like children who play, they are immortal, or almost. Between the almost and the death, the decadence with elegance, it goes from the Greek tragedy to Pina Bauch, As in the life, one is not born only to die! We want to fly, because the fall hurts, we want to jump, since it’s hard to always go straight, we want to tell our dreams before we forget them. To laugh once more. It’s a mix that goes from cartoon to cult movies, like Gummo (Harmony Korine) and Funny Games (Michael Haneke). The duo comes alive in a poetic world that combines the impossible, humor and tragedy. They have fun portraying the standardization of our lives, made of trivialized violence and disembodied love. To the carnal and aesthetic beauty succeeds the ignominy of our decadent world. Their show is aimed at the general public that they like to provoke and to react. The interaction is appropriate, they irritate, petrify, transport the viewer from one feeling to another.

Authors and performers: Katja ANDERSEN & Ricardo GAISER

Outside eye: Floren Bergal

Light design: Mélie Paul-Debuigne

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