Netty Radvanyi & Johan Bichot - Z Machine

2013-2014 Laureates

Johan Bichot, Netty Radvanyi

Ouroboru (provisory name) / Z Machine


“Femme sans nom” is the continuation of the project “Brut”, CircusNext 2013-2014 laureate, which was born from a desire to confront the presence of a horse on a theater stage, each with its body, its tools and its language. What deep relationship does one have with the animal? What imaginary does the horse vehicle? What fears? What place does it have in the contemporary world?

During the first research residencies of Brut, in collaboration with Johan Bichot, we worked on the development of an aesthetic universe close to Western and a physical vocabulary close to performance. We were inspired by the film of Bela Tarr “the horse of Turin”. In order to answer questions of dramaturgical and artistic order, I decided to continue this work alone, enriching it with the play of the contemporary author David Harrower “Knives and hens” that made me discover Victorine Reinewald. It was real “love at first sight”. A revelation.

In a rural setting, she portrays a murderous love triangle: a plowman, his horses, his wife and a miller. She talks about the emancipation of a woman through learning to read and write. The power of abstraction of words, of the vital need to say, to represent.

Although circus and physical work remain one of my main engines of creation my meeting with this piece will thus mark a more theatrical turn for this creation and perhaps for my Company.

Netty Radvanyi

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