Nacho Flores

2013-2014 Laureate

Nacho Flores


Tesseract opens the doors of a quantum world where physical laws do not obey the same imperatives. A humanist character foils all solitude by binding to the cube object. Madness and tenderness inspire the hand of an anachronistic builder. In the precariousness of the gesture, he rubs the ephemeral and the dream in the architecture of the moment. From these intertwined possibilities and wood, appear proportions, dances, textures, silhouettes, and perhaps even beyond.

Nacho Flores: Design and Interpretation, Alessandro Angius: Music Creation – Object Manipulation

Ayelen Cantini: Technique and objects manipulation, Thomas Bourreau: Light creation, Assisted by Julie Daramon

Christian Coumin: Artistic Advisor, Pau Portabella: Artistic Coordination, Daniel Forniguera: Video Mapping Design, Noémie Edel: Costume Design, Franck Breuil: Construction, Ben Fury: Choreographic Advisor, Merlin Borg: Puppeteer Advisor

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