Galactik Ensemble

2015-2016 Laureates

Mathieu Bleton, Mosi Espinoza, Jonas Julliand, Karim Messaoudi, Cyril Pernot

Galactik Ensemble


The Galactik Ensemble develops a situational acrobatics, that is to say the relationship between a rugged environment and the ability of man to adjust to it. Their approach is to put the individual and the group into play in the face of an unforeseeable reality, a risky situation.

Acrobatics does not appear here as an elegant way of defying the laws of gravity, but as an ability to experience the unpredictable, this short moment when control escapes us, this transition from dodging to falling, to restoring balance.

More than the circus itself, their point of departure is a current reflection on man and his relationship to a hostile environment.

Born in and from imbalance, these gestures create a theatricality that the artists seek to question, exacerbate and stage.

Authors and performers : Mathieu Bleton, Mosi Espinoza, Jonas Julliand, Karim Messaoudi and Cyril Pernot

Technical director : Nicolas Julliand

Stage manager : Charles Rousseau

Builder/maker : Franck Breuil

Artistic outside eyes: Matthieu Gary et Marie Fonte

Acrobatics outside eye: Dimitri Jourde

Light creation : Adèle Grépinet

Sound creation : Denis Mariotte

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